How to use virt-manager on Windows and Mac

Feb 10, 2020

Install virt-manager on KVM server

# yum install virt-manager

Use Putty and Xming on Windows

Step 1 - Download putty and Xming

Step 2 - Configure X11 forwarding in Putty

Connection –> SSH –> X11

  • Enable X11 forwarding
  • Set the X display location to localhost:0.0

Step 3 - Test the connection

[root@localhost ~]# echo $DISPLAY

Step 4 - Run virt-manager

# virt-manager

Use cmd.exe and Xming on Windows 10

C:\Users\Daniel>set DISPLAY=localhost:0.0
C:\Users\Daniel>mkdir \dev
C:\Users\Daniel>echo x > \dev\tty
C:\Users\Daniel>ssh -Y <user>@<hostname>

Use XQuartz on MacOS

Step 1 - Download XQuartz

Step 2 - Log in on KVM server with Terminal

# ssh -X <user>@<hostname>

Adding a new disk on KVM guest

Vagrant CheatSheet

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