Installation options

  • Force text mode install: linux text
  • Run rescue environment: linux rescue
  • Don't automatically mount any installed Linux partitions in rescue mode: linux rescue nomount
  • Force GUI installer to run at 640x480: linux lowres
  • Do not attempt to detect hw, prompts user instead: linux noprobe
  • Prompt for network configuration in the first stage of installation regardless of installation method: linux asknetwork
  • The installation program looks for the kickstart file on the HTTP or HTTPS server: linux ks=

Virtual consoles

console    keystrokes   contents
1   [Ctrl]-[Alt]-[F1]   installation dialog
2   [Ctrl]-[Alt]-[F2]   shell prompt
3   [Ctrl]-[Alt]-[F3]   install log (messages from installation program)
4   [Ctrl]-[Alt]-[F4]   system-related messages
5   [Ctrl]-[Alt]-[F5]   other messages
7   [Ctrl]-[Alt]-[F7]   X graphical display